The budgeting solution for the entire family.
Envelope+ Kid is a companion app for EnvelopePlus
Teach your children the sound financial principles of living within a budget while encouraging them to save and give. Budgeting doesn't have to be boring! Envelope+ Kid utilizes fun graphics to make saving, spending and giving more appealing to your children.
Manage your child's envelopes from within EnvelopePlus using "Kid Center"
The Kid Center tab within EnvelopePlus is your headquarters for managing your child’s finances. Here you can add, modify or remove a child from your envelopes. The percentage of money that you child sets aside for giving and saving is set by you when you add a child in Kid Center. Also from Kid Center, you can easily pay your child any money that they have earned by using the “Pay” feature.
Teach the habit of giving and saving
Every time that you pay your child, the money will automatically be split between their giving, saving and spending envelopes. The next time that your child runs their Envelope+ Kid app, they will be asked to manually distribute the money into their three envelopes. This process helps your child learn the important principle of giving and saving.